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TORONTO, ON – MARCH 09, 2016 – Published in 2000, “The Hero’s Walk” won the 2001 Commonwealth Prize for Best Book in Canada and the Caribbean and Italy’s Premio Berto, was longlisted for the IMPAC Dublin Literary Prize and the Orange Prize for Fiction (now the Baileys Women’s Prize for Fiction), and was shortlisted for the Kiriyama Prize. It is currently in the running for CBC’s Canada Reads.

"It is some 14 years since I first read this book and yet I can still warmly recall the story’s “hero”, Sripathi, whose simple life is so impacted by those around him - his demanding and overbearing mother, his rebellious children, and most importantly, the young granddaughter who he embraces when a car accident leaves her an orphan. This beautifully written story which at its heart is both intimate and so touching is also at moments laugh out loud funny. It is everything a great piece of fiction is meant to be,” said Heather Reisman, Founder and CEO Indigo Books and Music.

“The Hero's Walk” is a warmly told human story, a bittersweet, poignant and uplifting tale, which tells us that although we may come from cultures that are oceans apart, the ties that bind us are universal – those of love, friendship and family. I'm honored and excited to be bringing this transformative and uplifting story to life,” said Vinay Virmani, Creative Producer of Firsttake Entertainment. “I am thrilled to be defending this great artistic piece of literature on Canada Reads, an annual "battle of the books" competition organized and broadcast by Canada's public broadcaster, the CBC,” added Vinay.

Vinay Virmani first read the book when he was selecting a title to champion for the 2016 edition of CBC's Canada Reads, airing March 21-24.

"Canada Reads aims to draw attention to remarkable Canadian books, and we're excited that Anita Rau Badami's story will be retold in film," said Tara Mora, Executive Producer for Canada Reads. "While past winners have been adapted for the screen, this is the first time a panelist has spearheaded an adaptation. We're delighted that Vinay has made such a strong connection with “The Hero's Walk."

“In “The Hero’s Walk” an ordinary family is transformed by tragedy and has to find the courage to move past old anger and regret. Vinay is an incredible talent and I know that in his capable hands the essential spirit of this very universal story of love, loss and redemption will be preserved and brought to life in a new medium,” said Anita Rau Badami Author of “The Hero’s Walk”.

The Canadian publisher for “The Hero’s Walk” is Random House Canada. This novel was published in several countries and translated into many languages including: UK, USA, India, Australia and New Zealand, Poland, Greece, Italy, Spain, Catalan, Portugal, The Netherlands, France.

Logline: A man in India loses his estranged daughter in a car crash in Canada and is forced to adopt his Canadian born granddaughter. “The Hero’s Walk” is the story about the choices and changes he makes and the journey he takes that ultimately lead to his transformation.

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